December 31, 2008

An idea for the new year...

Donor cards!

This is an 1980s postcard that always tickled me. I even bought an extra one with the intent of cutting it out and carrying around in my wallet... or would that be a bad idea?


  1. very nice! where did you get them from?
    wouldn't mind one myself :-)
    cheers marty

  2. hahahahaha ~ that is too funny!! :-)

  3. Hi,
    I saw this card some time ago on another blog, it's pretty cool.
    Where did you bought it?
    I would like to have one♥

  4. I'm afraid I bought this 20 years ago (note that Reagan is the President zombie). I haven't seen any since.

    Of course, the zombie idea could be resurrected...

  5. Oh that's bad :(
    But thanks for letting me know!
    Well, maybe I have luck and find some.