September 01, 2007

Don't Panic! You're in the right place!

A new look for Black Hole Reviews

To mark my second anniversary of blogging, I've updated the layout and colour scheme of this blog. I think that blue is more 'black holey' than green as a background colour. It was a bit too icky Shrek, and not outer space enough.

I'm very pleased to have had over 30,000 visitors (or I guess it might be one person who's visited 30,000 times). My main concern is that I don't get any feedback - so I'll assume that nothing's wrong and carry on. But I'd expect to have had some of my personal opinions slapped down by now! There's a comments icon at the end of every review, if you ever need it. As long as your comments are relevant and not too abusive, they'll become part of the blog, for all to enjoy.

Anyhow, hail the new blog (much the same as the old blog), but I might try and add a background image for the title header bar... but please don't panic - no more major changes for the foreseeable...

Mark H

1 comment:

  1. I never leave comments but that IS because your blog is amazing and I just like to sit back and read it. I'm sure I've added a few hundred views this last year. Keep up the great work.