September 20, 2008

DVD NEWS - UK and region 2 updates

Infamous under both titles, Abel Ferrara's almost mainstream rape/revenge reaction to Death Wish has been notably missing from DVD. It's surfaced in France in a reportedly uncut version with English audio. While it serves as a Maniac-style borderline slasher, Ms. 45 also has the most feminist subtext for the era.

This offbeat horror comedy has been a long time coming, and will finally appear in the UK on October 13th. Nippon Cinema has a review. Starring Tadanobu Asano - Ichi The Killer himself.

GUARD POST / GP506 (2008)
For any fans of the creepy cross-genre wartime ghost story R-Point, comes this follow-up by the same director in similar territory. Also out on October 13th in the UK.

The female follow-up to Thai action sensation Ong-Bak is out in the UK in November. While Tony Jaa is still mucking about with Ong-Bak 2, Chocolate should keep non-CGI, non-wirework martial arts fans very happy. There's a trailer and more news on 24framespersecond.

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