November 25, 2006

News: DORM and SHUTTER rights bought by US

News from Screen International, confirmed on Kaiju Shakedown, is that my two favourite Thai horror films have had their rights picked up in the US, by Tartan Video.

Creepy ghost-photography shock horror film Shutter is also currently being remade, but it's good news that the original film will get a release in America too.

Beautifully made, school ghost story Dorm will hopefully get a Region 3 DVD soon, but again it well deserves a wide release in the west too.

Do you want to know more?
Kaiji Shakedown has details on these and other interesting Tartan acquisitions, as well as daily Asian fantasy/horror cinema news and reviews.

Links here for my
Dorm Thai DVD special edition guide and my full review on TwitchFilm.

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