August 14, 2012

Everything JAWS in the Black Hole...

The extensively restored Jaws Blu-ray is almost with us, along with a new feature-length documentary The Shark Is Still Working.

So far, my coverage of Jaws has turned into, well, a bit of a monster. So here's a summary of everything Jaws-related to be found here in the Black Hole...

The making of Jaws - a round-up of books and documentaries, old and new, about the making of the film.

My 2011 photo-tour of Jaws filming locations around the island of Martha's Vineyard:
- part 1: Edgartown - capital of Amity Island
- part 2: Katama Bay, Quint's shack, Amity billboard
- part 3: North and East - Brody's house, State Beach and "the pond"

My review of Jaws 2, contrasting seeing it recently and in the summer of 1978.

Reviews of movies inspired by Jaws:
Alligator (1980) - killer gator, in the sewers!
The Car (1977) - killer car, possessed by the devil!
Grizzly (1976) - early out of the gate, claws!
The Host (2006) - a river monster from South Korea
Tentacles (1977) - killer octopus from Italy, with Henry Fonda!

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