March 25, 2012

PUPPET ON A CHAIN (1971) gets a widescreen DVD in the US

I'm delighted that this brash, brutal action-thriller has finally been remastered widescreen and released on DVD in the US by Scorpion Releasing. Previously only available around Europe in full-frame, I'm hoping this will find a new, wider audience.

Follow the links below for more details:

I've updated my review of Puppet on a Chain here, including the original trailer

DVD Talk have this review of the new DVD

Scorpion have also released the atmospheric teen survival chiller Humongous (1982) and then, in April, the Australian plane crash horror The Survivor (1980).


  1. I've never heard of this one, but I'll have to check it out! I just hope that Netflix decides to carry the DVD.

    I belatedly checked out your review... well done!

  2. I have had an full-screen unmatted file of POAC sitting on my HD for a while, but it'll go unwatched now as I plan to upgrade when the DVD becomes 'available'.

    Here's a link to my 'for sale' Japanese poster for the film - feel free to incorporate into your review. BTW I used to have that exact same paperback.

  3. Thank you, Miles, I will use that. The UK artwork looks like a rush job!