March 03, 2012

THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR (1969) - new DVD release

In November 2011, The Haunted House of Horror was finally released as a standalone DVD. It had previously only been available in Anchor Bay's Tigon Collection boxset, which saved the movie from a the limbo of murky VHS releases.

This new Odeon Entertainment release is an improvement, with a 16:9 anamorphic release which adds picture information at the sides. It also retains the director's frank and funny commentary track from the Tigon boxset. It's a PAL region 2 DVD for the UK.

A proto-slasher that beats from a decade before Halloween and Friday the 13th, it stars Frankie Avalon trying to get away from the smiling beaches, Jill Haworth, Dennis Price, George Sewell, Richard O' Sullivan...

I've added these details to my updated review of The Haunted House of Horror, and added more photos and screengrabs too.

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