September 15, 2010

Five years in the Black Hole - despite the chaos

Good grief, forgot my own birthday!

It's now been five years since this blog began in September 2005.

But for the last six months it's been tough to keep the momentum going, as I've been cut off from my library of films, reference books and mags. There's also been some serious internet-deprivation, and a double number of cats walking over the keyboard, all of which has cut my output down to one article a week. I've worked hard to keep that as a minimum. It's always amusing when people assume that this site has a team of reviewers.

Thankfully I'm still getting the same number of visitors and have enjoyed talking to you via comments and Twitter. The facility to 'Follow' other blogs has been a huge help in keeping up with my favourite movie blogs out there. I always try not to write about the same films as everyone else, to try and provide different ideas for older movies to catch.

While Twitter is overwhelmingly preoccupied with new movies and what's in the pipeline, it's still good for signalling when new articles are posted on sites devoted to classic movies, cult and horror. It also brings good news about new DVD releases of cult classics. Though I get the feeling that many more people read my Tweets than my blog.

This last year, I've intensified the work on the Ultimate Guide to Barbarella (1968), and collected it all on a separate site for easy reference. The name was, ahem, chosen to be Google-friendly... Barbarella's Shagpile Cockpit.

When I get my life back soon, (after the builders allow us to finally move back in), I'm hoping to streamline the archive of past reviews, keeping the present categories but emphasising the films I recommend. I like to review Asian horror whether they're good or bad because English reviews are hard to find. But for everything else, I'd like to highlight only the good stuff I've seen, and tweak this site to become more useful as a place where you can come for ideas of what to watch - as a quick guide or a leisurely browse.

Of course, I won't be abandoning my trawl through the archives for my favourite films that aren't on DVD. While they can't be easily seen, I don't want them to get left behind in the global digital overhaul.

Thank you all for reading,

Mark Hodgson,
Black Hole.


  1. Happy B-Day, Mark. To keep this quality up at this level for so long is quite the accomplishment. Well wishes to a brighter future!

  2. I've only stumbled onto your blog recently but thoroughly enjoyed your reviews on horror & other alternative films. Thumbs up & keep the reviews going.

  3. Congrats on your five years of bloggin man! I just celebrated my first year a couple of weeks ago, so Im just a baby in diapers compared to you! Heres to many more!

  4. Keep the texts coming, I love this place and the quality is so high that it's hard to stop reading!

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. You've made my 'birthday'.

  6. Happy belated birthday, and thank you for offering quality, original content! I am enjoying reading your writing.