July 26, 2006

MYLENE FARMER goes anime

I was astonished to see Mylene Farmer's new promo for Peut-Etre Toi - she's teamed up with Japan's Production I.G for a 4-minute Ghost-in-the-Shell-type mini-adventure. Mylene is portrayed as an animated heroine, battling her way through a scenario that crosses Blood+ with Innocence.

One of my favourite singers, one of my favourite animation houses -working together! I'd forgotten just how crazy the French are about anime.

You can see the entire promo here on YouTube. (Thanks to Twitch for the mini tip-off).

Also, there's loads of beautiful screengrabs here - on a French fansite called 'Ettocdemac'.

The track is off her latest album Avant Que l'Ombre ... I was lucky enough to see her perform it in concert in January. There are camcorder clips from the concert also on YouTube, but the entire concert was filmed for a DVD being released in December.

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