July 23, 2006

Finally on DVD: ANTARCTICA (1983) with english subs

Finally on DVD:
ANTARCTICA (1983, Japan)
HK region 3 NTSC DVD (CN Entertainment)

Out of the blue, I was surprised to discover this DVD was out now in Hong Kong. It's 16:9 anamorphic widescreen with a DTS 5.1 soundtrack. The main drawback is that the english subtitles aren't perfectly subtitled - the translations are a little stilted, and worse still they share the screen with chinese subtitles too - you can't select english subs only, despite there being two other chinese subtitle options! But until this gets a release in the west, this is the best DVD version out there.

I'd been impressed by the film, for the harrowing cinematography and fantastic score by Vangelis (the year after his magnificent Blade Runner soundtrack).

I reviewed Antarctica (off a dubbed US VHS release) a few months ago and wasn't expecting a DVD release with subtitles anytime soon - see review here.

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