June 04, 2006

GUNSLINGER GIRL - girls with guns anime, but deadly serious


A team of young girls, partly cybernetic, are trained to become munitions experts for a covert government agency. This short series, of 13 episodes, started well but then completely fizzled out.

A strong through story didn’t really develop. The girls go on missions and start getting to know their trainers. You start doubting whether they’re working for the government at all and are just guns for hire. Then it ends.

There's some attractive characters but not enough characterisation. There's a beautiful score, fantastic animation, but only a limited amount of action. Unusually it's all set in Italy, so there's lots of art, statues and opera - a very touristy view of the country, but it keeps it fresh-looking. There's some heart-stopping moments, lots of heart-to-heart chat, dollops of tragedy and not enough plot.

Gunslinger Girl is currently being released in both the US and UK on DVD.

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