January 11, 2014

WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968) - Paul Ferris' soundtrack on CD

Paul Ferris' haunting soundtrack to Witchfinder General had been promised by De Wolfe music for, literally, years. It kept appearing and disappearing from Amazon listings and their website. Rather suddenly, in December, the CD appeared for sale again, but this time there was news on Twitter that people had actually received their copy! I wasted no time in ordering one.

Honestly, I've wanted this soundtrack for forty years, ever since first seeing it on ITV late at night. It's a memorable soundtrack, let alone one for a pivotal British horror movie. Ever since, I've been to listening to the film's audio on cassette, a habit started before days of home video, waiting for a soundtrack. It was never officially released as an album. A few tracks surfaced on vinyl in music libraries, (that I only heard last year), but now all the music is on this CD. Better still, it's been remastered from the original quarter-inch master tape.

The full track listing for the Witchfinder General CD is here on the De Wolfe shop website...

Interesting interview with Warren De Wolfe about forthcoming plans (possibly Curse of the Crimson Altar soundtrack) and their ongoing series of CDs that group library tracks used in cult movies and TV (like the original Monty Python TV series). Interview here on MovieMusic Italiano.

My look at the movie Witchfinder General here...

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