June 10, 2013

THE RETURNED - now showing on Channel 4

Just a quick, late reminder that the superbly-made creepy French drama The Returned has started this week on Channel 4. Eight one-hour episodes charts the startling return of a group of dead inhabitants of a remote French village. Technically they're zombies, but they look human enough and walk and talk normally.

Each family deals with the sudden return of a dead relative in a different way, each of them causing their own problems, not to mention that a series of killings has resumed in the village...

Beautifully filmed, subtly judged performances, music from Mogwai and a fresh take on the undead. Adult, occasionally violent, often sexual, the quality of the series has obviously won over Channel 4 into showing a programme from overseas with English subtitles for the first time in twenty years.

In the UK, you can catch up with the first episode on 4OD.

The Returned is known as Les Revenants in France and is a reimagining of an earlier French film from 2004. Full details and a look at the failed American pilot are here in my guide to all things Revenants.

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