May 21, 2011

One Million Hits A.D.

This week Black Hole Reviews blogsite had it's millionth hit on the steady old Hit Counter (bottom of every page). To mark the occasion, and by way of a totally self-indulgent thank you to all visitors to these pages, here's something from my archives.

It's a scratch video to an obscure early-80s band called The Sleeping Lions. I used to edit bits of favourite films, recorded off TV, to new songs for a closed-circuit student TV station, to promote new music which I didn't have promo clips for.

This was really enjoyable, editing moving images to music - I didn't synch images to lyrics very much, usually just riffing on the title of the song. I'd edit two or three of these every week, but tried very hard to synchronise movements and edits to the music as often as possible, with non-frame-accurate equipment.

Edited on low-band u-matic and archived on trusty old VHS, this includes clips from TV showings of The Killer Elite, Moonraker, Rollerball, the first trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, preview clips of Blade Runner, Fantasia, and a making-of Raiders of the Lost Ark special effects documentary.

Bear in mind, this was made in February of 1983...

Thank you!


  1. Mike

    Congrats on a million hits.

    I hope you're interested. The Uranium Cafe has a new URL (hackers finally killed the old one off) at:

    Enjoying the ease of a Blogger blog these days. Joined your FB group earlier today. Keep up the outstanding work here.


  2. Glad to see The Uranium Cafe back up for business! Consider yourself followed!

  3. Mike

    Better change that URL to:

    I like the custom domain but living in China will make it hard for me to keep up payments on it now as some things changed here with Google and Chinese credit cards.

    thanks for the support :)