November 23, 2011

ZARDOZ lands in the UK - March 1974

ZARDOZ arrives!
Films and Filming, March 1974

Preceded by a lengthy career interview with Sean Connery, Films and Filming magazine devoted a hefty four-page spread of publicity photos from John Boorman's sci-fi parable timed with its UK debut. Zardoz seems to be more popular now than it ever was, but as a benchmark for bad seventies' sci-fi. I think there's far worse out there, but not nearly as entertaining. I thought you might like this peek at it's original presentation.

In the reviews section, we're reminded that also on release in the UK that month, Zardoz was up against Enter The Dragon, Electra Glide In Blue, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (which I saw at the time), Magnum Force and Swallows and Amazons. Being too young to see Zardoz with its 'X' certificate, I had to settle for reading John Boorman's novelisation - which is pictured in my review of the movie.


  1. It would be nice to have an entire run of 'F & F'. As indicated by the decision to put that photo of Sean on the cover the magazine was definitely "out" there! Not that I was aware of it at the time, and I don't know how I'd have reacted if I had. Not that 'F & F' ever pushed any agenda on its readers, and it's not like all, or even a majority, of its writers were gay, but in retrospect it clearly helped lend the feeling that it was coming from outside the establishment, unlike say 'S & S'. And it should be said, that 'F & F' printed plenty of photos of naked women as well. But more than that, the quality of writing was very good and they tackled interesting subjects. The best film magazine ever? It would probably get my vote. Sadly, we now live in an age - and an age of cinema - where such a publication could not exist. In the 70's, even the bad films like ZARDOZ were interesting.

  2. Very well put, Miles! They regularly looked at movies having problems with censorship, horror films, used lots of photos in their layouts... I started dipping in very early on and discovered a load of back issues in Camden about ten years ago.

  3. As I recognize my original scans, I take it you lifted these images from 'Dangerous Minds'? It would only be decent to give a credit to original source.


    Paul Gallagher

  4. You're mistaken, Paul. I scanned these pages myself - you'll notice the lack of cross-hatch patterning in my scans.

    If I based a whole blog post on someone else's photos, of course I'd give a credit and a link.

    I also don't scan in whole magazine articles. I show examples, hoping that interested readers buy the source material for themselves.

    Mark H