February 21, 2008

DVD release updates

Finally! Blood+ is getting released on DVD in the US. The 50 episode anime series from 2005 starts out with a first volume in March. Continuing Saya's story on from the spectacular short film Blood The Last Vampire (2000), this epic tale sees Saya travel the world to try and wipe out vampire creatures and their allies. The live-action version of Blood The Last Vampire, from Hong Kong, is due for release later in the year.
More about Blood+ here.

The vengeful little Hell Girl is finally being released on DVD in the UK, just as NEO magazine reports that series three of the anime is now in production in Japan. No news from anywhere of a DVD release for the live-action series though. Can't find the UK cover art, though.

Supernatural Thai slasher Ghost Game gets a UK DVD release on February 25th, ahead of the US.

The recent Chinese ghost story The Matrimony should have been out in January in the US from Tartan, though it's release appears to have been delayed.

This South Korean ghost train horror film was remade on a plane in the US under the same name. But the original Red Eye has now arrived on DVD as well.

The recent Japanese disaster movie remake, The Sinking of Japan, has also got a DVD release in the US, but under the title Doomsday...
See my coverage of The Sinking of Japan here.

Finally, Takashi Miike's fast-moving and funny superhero Zebraman arrives on DVD in the US, February 18th.

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