February 07, 2008


As the visitor count clocks up another 10,000, I'd like to say thank you all for dropping by. Black Hole DVD Reviews has been rolling for two and a half years, and now gets 1,500 visits per week.

My remit has changed very little. I'm sticking to spoiler-free reviews, only giving up as much as is necessary to try and tempt you.

There's no ads. I'm keeping this no-strings-attached. The stores that I mention are to direct you to those harder-to-find DVDs.

Every week, I revise and update a past review to appear on Evil Dread in my Asian Macabre column. I also parallel post a few articles on 24framespersecond. It's just for fun, but it means many more could get to read my stuff.

Especially important to me in the Black Hole is the 'Not On DVD' section. I hope that this eventually dwindles as the titles become available, somewhere, soon. I still have a long list to bring to your attention.

There are better films out there, than what you're offered in local cinemas or on TV.

Half the stuff I watch isn't in English. If people miss out on marvellous movies because they 'don't like subtitles', it's their loss.

I don't care if a movie is old, black and white, silent, subtitled, dubbed, or on VHS. If it tells a good story, offers something unique, uses imagination, shows me something new, takes me somewhere I've never seen before, teaches me, challenges me... then I'll watch it...

...especially if it has zombies, gratuitous car chases or helicopters in it. Or giant monsters. Or ghosts. Or Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, Divine, William Shatner, or Chiaki Kuriyama.

What I'm trying to say is, thank you for reading.

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