December 02, 2009

I'm a Horror Blogger - official!

Zombo's Closet of Horror is a blog that casts a wide eye over the genre - my recent favourite was a look at the family who built their own full-size recreation of The Munster's mansion...

Zombo has cleverly realised that bloggers love talking about themselves, and regularly invites horror specialists to write about motivations and interests. I was recently invited to join the party and Zombo, John Cozzoli, published it today. Thank you very much for the opportunity, John.


  1. Mark, just read your piece there and enjoyed it immensley. Your comment about enjoying the creature effects--up until CGI became the norm--made me pause.

    I'd been the same way (and still enjoy reading about prosthetics, stop motion, etc. effects). But your comment made me realize that aspect has been lost with the new films.

    Sure, CGI can look great, but there's no mystery to it--it either look good or it doesn't. Nothing to delve into (unless you're an effects animator, which I'm not).

    Kinda sad, whrn I think about it....

  2. I mean, don't despair Dan. As everyone has already tried throwing money at shiny new CGI, the industry is already calming down to a point when it's just another FX tool. Prosthetics will always be in the pallet of tricks.