November 06, 2009

Universal Studios unlocks the movie Vault

In a similar arrangement to the flourishing Warner Brothers 'Archive' collection, where rare movies have been made available only from an online store, the WB Shop, Universal have started a similar arrangement. Teaming up with Turner Classic Movies, the first five releases in the new 'Vault Collection' are rare black-and-white horrors, including the must-see Murders In The Zoo (1933), a favourite of mine which I'll review shortly after another viewing.

Other good news is that both collections now appear to be available for purchase outside of North America. Initially, the Warner Brothers Shop wasn't open to international customers, but this restriction appears to have been lifted. is now selling these Warner DVDs and the TCM online store is also open for business outside of the US, but the $12 shipping fee (for one DVD) drives the price of these titles up considerably. Conveniently, TCM online also offers the Warner Brother Archive titles.

Warners continue to add titles to the Archive catalogue (which I previewed here), and I'm attempting to updated my older reviews to indicate that their 'Not On DVD' status has been revoked. For instance the movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, in my overview of TV horror. This unusual creepy nightmare, starring Kim Darby (who shone in True Grit) was last seen on home video on VHS.

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