September 11, 2008


This site has now been around for three years. At present I want to write for many more, about the same kinds of movies. But what kinds are they? Here's a bit more about choosing what's in the Black Hole.

While I'm attempting to collect every single movie that I've ever enjoyed (preferably the original version that I first watched, maybe with the censor cuts replaced, and always in the original aspect ratio - this makes the process even slower), I'm very aware that many of them are only enjoyable because of a personal nostalgic memory. So while sifting through my favourites, I only like to recommend the ones I think could easily appeal to an audience today.

So, I'll carry on talking about the 1970's and 1960's, indeed any older movies that still hold up. I wanted to start a 1980's section, but when I watch the ones that I thought were good, I can't honestly recommend many - they seem to date much more badly than the other decades!

Of course I'm still looking for new films from all over. There's many news sites getting worked up about exciting sounding upcoming films, but I'm only interested in telling you about the ones that actually fulfilled their promises and manage to get subtitled in English, somewhere.

Although the J-horror bubble has burst in the eyes of many critics, there's still many Japanese films that I want to explore. I don't believe that Japan has stopped making good horror. They've been guilty of repeating themselves - but who hasn't? With so much creativity in an industry that still enables low-budgets and artistic vision, they're still able to be unusual and interesting. And I think there are many older gems yet to see.

My South Korean coverage has been comparatively lacking, because I watched many excellent films just before the Black Hole began. Because I like to write reviews while they're still fresh in my mind, it's only now that the time has come around to watch them again.

While I feel a little cruel reviewing films that are hard to find (in the Not On DVD list), it's good to see that every month or two, some of them are finally getting a release somewhere in the world. I'm still amazed at some of the classics that are still missing. But it's also to mention the smaller films that I think could still make their money back.

I might start including embedded movie trailers and clips again. I'm not a fan of the look of big blurry, randomly-picked freeze frames, of most movie-viewers. So, please let me know if they at all effect your enjoyment of this site. I only want to improve things, not include stuff you find annoying, unsightly or a drag on your load times.

When I started on this, I only wanted to wish the Black Hole a happy birthday...

"Every large galaxy has at its center a massive black hole"

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  1. Congratulations on three long years. Just continue what you are doing. Embedded media is okay but always necessary. Sometimes it can seem to detract from sites, but others adds something. I use the youtube stuff but sparingly, maybe a couple every ten posts or so. I select the custom box and it creates a frame around the viewer that can match my dark gray background and I like it much more that way.

    I am going to try to do audio clips too. I did one successfully for The Giant Claw... a scientific explanation clip. I love old sci-fi B-movie scientific explanations. It was a bit if work to extract the audio and convert it and i do not know if anyone ever even listened to it, but it is the sort of thing I would like to find at a site.

    You write well and see a lot of films I wish I could get here (I live in China) easily. I rely on BTs and luck. I could not believe the other day I found a set of the Vincent Price Fly movies here with a documentary! I know he was not in Curse of the Fly, but that one always freaked me out as a kid... all b/w with these mutated people in cages.

    I know what you mean about 80's flicks being dated horribly for some reason. I cannot explain it either.

    Anyway... I ramble.

    Good work and I hope there is more.