February 21, 2009

Twitter - micro-reviews from the Black Hole

OK, I'm going to give this new Twitter thing a try. Here's how and why...

Twitter is the online network that lists short bursts of text from every user - usually just a short word about what they're up to. If anyone else is interested, they can follow these 'micro-blogs', while publishing their own. This appears to be popular in the US and Japan and it's just taking off here in the UK.

In the Black Hole, I suck in a lot of movies that I think are going to be good. But I've stopped reviewing the bad and the boring, to bring you just recommendations of the good stuff.

So, a lot of what I watch never gets a mention. But to give you an idea of what I've seen that's been disqualified from Black Hole DVD Reviews, I'm going to post micro-reviews on Twitter.com as 'BlackHoleDVDs'.

I'll also mention mainstream stuff that I've enjoyed. I don't usually review heavily publicised releases on this site, because thousands of others already have. Instead, I'm writing about films and DVDs that haven't had tons of marketing, and have already been featured on every other movie blog.

So feel free to follow me over on Twitter. I'll also send out an alert for every new article on this site.

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