May 31, 2008

Same site, new look

As 100,000 rolled round on the hit counter, it was time for another revamp of the look of Black Hole DVD Reviews.

There's finally a banner, which goes partway to explaining one of the reasons this is called Black Hole in the first place - an image of the well from Ring (1998), the movie that turned me onto J-horror in the first place. Japan and South Korea keep rewarding me with fresh and masterly offbeat cinema, just when I thought I'd seen it all.

The Black Hole is also a favourite movie of mine from the seventies, a decade I can't stop delving into for movies to recommend. The scientific phenomenon of the inexorable gravity of a black hole also represents my appetite for film.

It may look different, but I'll still be reviewing the same mix of movies, I just wanted to try and make it look a little smarter.

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