October 03, 2007

New VIDEO WATCHDOG out now - dammit!

Just when you think you've seen it all, the writers at Video Watchdog unearth not just obscure films of interest, but whole genres.

Issue 134, explores Germany's Edgar Wallace 'krimi' films boxsets. The article compares this genre of lurid, creepy, violent crime dramas to the Hammer films being made in the UK at the same time, and also looks for cross-influences with the Italian giallo movies, makes them sound pretty essential. Plot descriptions, tempting photos and full details of what's on the DVDs are all in the huge centrepiece article.

The additional attraction of these films, is the understandable yet loopy situation where they were shot in Germany, based on English stories, and set in a London where everyone speaks German! Some of them were dubbed into English for other countries, too.

Besides which, there's DVD reviews that make you want to go shopping for films you've never heard of (Don't Go In The House), and recent films you didn't think you wanted to see (the Black Christmas remake).

It's always been a definitive guide to rare genre films from around the world. A movie magazine that has nothing to fear from the internet. I've been hooked from the start, when it demonstrated that the films I'd always wanted to see, were actually out there... but sometimes on strange new video formats, and available in unexpected countries.

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