September 15, 2007

CAPTAIN KRONOS - VAMPIRE HUNTER (1973) soundtrack now on CD

Captain Kronos finally on CD

I was only remembering Laurie Johnson's music recently, in my review of And Soon The Darkness. Now out of the blue, some great news. This film had one of my favourite opening themes - the galloping title music as Captain Kronos comes to the aid of a village suffering a mysterious rash of vampiric attacks.

The music will sound familiar to fans of The Avengers and The New Avengers, which Laurie also scored. The new CD soundtrack marks the first time the music has ever been available, apart from two tracks on previous compilations. Better late than never!

A good place to listen to samples and purchase the CD is
here on BuySoundtrax which I regularly use...

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter
is available on region 1 and region 2 DVD - an excellent example of latter day Hammer Horror, when stories and direction got more experimental.

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