June 04, 2006

IGPX - futuristic robot racing anime


Yet another I.G animation studio production, this time tailored for the US Cartoon Network channel. A lavish and spectacular 13 part series made in widescreen.

A young team of racers enter the International Grand Prix of the future, for the first time. Racing inside tailor-made high-speed robots, the teams are allowed some contact fighting to try and maintain their leads. The race track looks like a gigantic Hot Wheels layout that winds through the gleaming glass city.

Obviously the races look spectacular and the teenage squabbling of the teams is fun. But as the series progressed, the races started to feel samey and any possible major upsets dissipate, leaving only a simple tournament of racing statistics, rather than a story.

It looks great, there's a lively up-to-the-minute techno soundtrack, and a telepathic cat - the only real innovation. Luka the cat acts as a co-pilot - he has a little cyber-suit and everything!

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