April 03, 2006

Update: TETSUJIN 28 - Region 2 UK DVD

TETSUJIN 28 is a remake of a classic Japanese anime that was redited as GIGANTOR in the USA. Latest news is that the first 5 episodes of this recent anime will be out on Region 2 PAL DVD in the UK on 24th April. Hopefully it will be presented in widescreen.

Details at play.com...
TETSUJIN 28 - volume 1 on UK DVD

My original review from December 2005, here...
TETSUJIN 28 - on DVD in Hong Kong

There may also be a release of the live-action Japanese movie version on DVD in the UK later this year.

I recently picked up this beautiful Bandai die-cast figure of Tetsujin's opponent Black Ox, in the toys section of the MBK department store in Bangkok. Posable, sturdily-made, with light-up eyes!


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  1. Light up eyes! I bet it looks creepy in the dark. how cool! :)